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    Restarting from hugs

    The daily gestures which we take for granted and which characterise us as humans, our most elementary and instinctive signals have been under strain during this hard, suspended time, and they probably won’t be the same for a long time yet. Trying to keep away from rhetorics, we have dedicated our next exhibition to these themes, a collective event involving many artists to try and give back a
    sense of plurality, openness and positive contamination. We have asked each artist to illustrate this subject with two works, to create a reciprocal exchange, two entities looking for each other and then finding each other.

    The gesture of hugging is a powerful act, it’ s transversal, reassuring, it indicates brotherhood, affection and love which marks and reinforces our affective fulfilment. Hugging means osmosis, inside and out, an ‘’opening’’ meaning surrounding and holding the other, and most of all it supports and ‘’seals’’ our deeper emotional affinities. Here, we want to consider hugs in their meaning of exchange, giving and taking, intertwining of bonds that are not just physical but also spiritual and spatial.

    Artists: Nicola Bertellotti, Massimo Barlettani, Alessandro Casetti, Matteo Cocci, Veronica Fonzo, Massimo Lagrotteria, Susan Leyland, Elisa Mearelli, Marco Manzella, Matteo Nannini, Laura Pedizzi, Marco Petean, Alessandro Reggioli, Tommaso Santucci, Sonia Scaccabarozzi, Laura Serafini, Olga Shevolya, Massimo Stecchi.
    Location: Sensi Arte Gallery, Colle di Val d’Elsa

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