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    Feeling water

    We dedicate an exhibition to water expressed through the feelings it arouses. Enveloping, inclusive matter that forms bonds and disperses them. Water transmits multiple sensations linked to the primordial memory that is the source of life. Never equal to itself, in balance between interconnected and contaminating memories, it is by its nature an energetic fluid element. Flavia Robalo and Massimo Barlettani investigate the deep and symbolic sensations of this versatile element.

    Robalo’s sculptures are the representation of a poetic poetic, intimate and solitary between water and the body. The artist expresses the feelings of abandonment and desire, fear and courage, determination and surprise. As a memory of a feeling, for Robalo, the water element is Yin energy, feminine and mysterious, deep and linked to the world of emotions and the unconscious. Works in wood, marble, alabaster and bronze. The material is rough and smooth, the shapes are the result of purity, which Robalo represents through his childlike figures, ethereal and innocent, without filters like the truest emotions.

    Barlettani translates the spiritual sensitivity of plant elements into painting: the fragility and transience of the floral world are the source of an interior and meditative analysis hidden in the elements of nature. Water takes on a meaning of rebirth, nourishment and strength interpreted as the element that creates empathy towards the beings of creation. The floating flowers of the water lilies purify the pond with their beauty, the power of the cactus plant that holds water within itself, and produces life in dryness, are the metaphor of a therapeutic energy that is capable of soothing one’s own weaknesses.

    Artists: Flavia Robalo / Massimo Barlettani
    Location: Sensi Arte, Colle di Val d’Elsa (SI)